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10061 Error When Using the NNTP Server
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I am getting a winsock error 10061, how do I fix this?

This error usually happens because your outbound connection is being limited by either your ISP or an internal firewall/security setting. Double check your settings to ensure you are able to connect to us directly using telnet. To test via telnet:
  • Open a command line prompt
  • Type "telnet" and hit enter
  • Type "open 119" and hit enter

You should be greeted by a welcome banner asking you to authenticate. This means that you can connect to our news servers directly, and you should be able to double check your newsreader setup. If you cannot connect, a firewall or your ISP is blocking access on this port. If it is a firewall, update your firewall settings to allow traffic over the selected port. You can also retest this with all of our port options until you find a port you are able to use. Upon a successful telnet, use that address and port option in your newsreader settings.

If you are still having trouble, please contact our support team for further assistance.
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