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Loyalty Gigs FAQ
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Loyalty Gigs are bonus Gigs we give you for remaining a loyal Easynews customer. The longer your account is continuously active, the more Loyalty Gigs you get.

What does continuously active mean?

An account is classified as being continuously active from its creation date to present as long as there are no breaks in service longer than 60 days. If an account has been cancelled or paused longer than 60 days, the date it is reactivated becomes the new creation date for the purposes of Loyalty Gigs. This refers to the billing status of the account and not the specific account use.

How do I calculate my Loyalty Gigs?

The bonus is simple. We add an extra gigabyte of usage to your gig allotment each month for each year you've been continuously signed up.

For example, you can use the chart below to see how many extra gigs you'll receive:

1.0 to 1.999999 years = 1GB/mo. bonus
2.0 to 2.999999 years = 2GB/mo. bonus
3.0 to 3.999999 years = 3GB/mo. bonus
4.0 to 4.999999 years = 4GB/mo. bonus

Why is my counter incorrect?

The main members index page may be cached in your browser and/or you may have used the back button to navigate to the page. Reload the page, and the counter will repopulate with the correct information.

Why is my signup date incorrect?

We started to keep track of the necessary variables for this calculation in August 1998. If your account is older than August 1998, your sign-up date will be truncated to that. Also keep in mind that this date does not represent when you first signed-up, it represents the oldest date your account was active without a 60 day gap between it and the prior end-of-billing date. This calculation does not take into account grace-periods given for credit card declines. Also note that this data is tracked by username. If you sign-up under a different username, your old sign-up date will not be applied to the new account.

Can I merge account histories to get credit for previous accounts I've had?

Unfortunately, we are unable to merge histories of multiple accounts. Your counter is maintained by individual account only and cannot be added to or merged with any other account.

What if I pay by Mail-in and I pay for multiple months up front?

You will be awarded your bonus level at the time of purchase for each month paid for. For example, if your counter stood at 3.95 years at the time your mail-in payment is processed and you paid for 6 months, 6 months and 138 GB (that's 120 base GB plus 18 bonus GB) would be added to your account even though your counter will pass 4 years in the first month.

When will I start getting the Loyalty Gigs bonus?

After your first year of service you will receive your bonus gigs on every transaction.

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