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Credit Card Declined
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My credit card was declined when trying to sign-up, what do I do?

In most cases, a card was declined due a problem with the information you entered or due to a note by your financial institution rejecting certain Internet transactions. Double check all information you have filled out in the form to ensure it EXACTLY matches the information provided on your card and statements, such as the card's expiration date and security code.

Tips for troubleshooting card issues:
* Make sure that the name you are putting down matches letter-for-letter, space-for-space what is printed on the card.
* An exception to the rule above is the use of Periods and non-western characters. You will want to remove any periods in your name. If you have non-western characters in your name like "ã" please replace it by a like-character. In this case, you would use "a" instead.
* For European countries, use the 2-letter abbreviation for your country in both the state and country fields.
* Make sure the card is registered to a physical street address and that you are entering that address in the requisite field.
* Make sure the card (especially if new) has been registered online and at least a day has passed since registration.
* Multiple failed attempts may prevent the card from being accepted even if you eventually get the right combination of information entered.
* If all else fails, you may need to use an alternative payment method such as PayPal. Sometimes they will accept a credit card as a funding source in cases where our financial institution cannot.
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