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Earn Free Gigs with the WCG Project
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How do I earn free gigs with Easynews?

Participate in the WCG Project!

The WCG Project uses idle CPU processes to assist in the processing of complex applications. You have the ability to earn 1GB for every 15 days of processing time earned. Please go to the WCG Homepage for a complete description of the WCG Program. If you join this program, you must join the Easynews team! If you do not join the Easynews Team, you will not be able to redeem credits for free gigs with us.

Please go to our WCG Gigs page to check your gigs.

I get an error message when I try to retrieve gigs from WCG Gig Redemption Page. What is the problem?

If you are being told that you cannot redeem gigs, it could be due to not being part of the Easynews Team in the WCG website. This would happen if you did not join the Easynews WCG Team when signing up for the program on the WCG website. In order to earn free gigs, you will have to join the Easynews Team. Unfortunately, the credits earned before joining our team will not be redeemable, as they were not earned under the Easynews Team Stats. You will start earning credits that are redeemable with our system once you join the Easynews Team.

If you are getting a login error, please double check your login. The Earn Gigs Login Page requires both your WCG username and password and your Easynews username to be entered. Please note that if you have a password management tool, it may autofill your Easynews credentials. If those are different than those you chose for the WCG website, you will also get the message that gigs cannot be redeemed. Re-type your WCG username and password into the appropriately labeled fields to correct the issue.

Can I earn gigs with WCG for 2 different Easynews accounts?

Yes, you can redeem free gigs into any Easynews account you put into the Easynews username field. In order to be able to do so, your WCG account(s) must be part of the Easynews Team. You must also make sure that you type in your Easynews username twice and WCG username and password correctly, as they are all case sensitive.

Is there a limit on the free gigs you can earn or redeem using when participating in the WCG Program?

Yes, limits do exist. There are three main points you should be aware of:

1. Faster computers will process the jobs much faster, so in that respect there is a limit to how much you can earn, though it depends on the processing power of your computer(s) running the WCG software.

2. If you are at your tier's gig limit, redemption of additional gigs will cause them to be lost. Always be sure to check your account stats before redeeming gigs.

3. Although we do not directly limit the amount of gigs you can redeem at one time, you can only redeem whole gigs. This is because decimal points are ignored on the redemption page. For example: 1.5 (one-point-five) will be interpreted as 15 (fifteen). This is not an Easynews script; this script is run by WCG, and we do not have the ability to change this functionality, so be careful.
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