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Global Search 2.0 Supported Search Methods
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What search methods are supported by Global Search 2.0?

The supported search methods for Global Search 2.0 include:
  • A B C - This will search for A and B and C. By default, just leaving space between your terms makes them be AND'd together.
  • A|B|C - This will search for A or B or C. Make sure to not have white space between the | and terms, otherwise it will interpret that to be AND'd together.
  • ABC ! DEF - This will search for ABC excluding DEF. You can enter any positive terms on the left of the ! and any negative on the right of the !.
  • ! DEF - This will search for anything excluding DEF. You cannot do a negate only search, so you would need to have a positive term in one of the other fields.
The new Global Search 2.0 offers some REGEX search capabilities just as Global 4 did, but there are a few search methods that are not supported. Those include:
  • "A B" - This will search for A[[:space:]]B. This is how you would want to do an exact phrase with the terms just having one space between them.
  • ABC* - This will search for ABC.* , meaning ABC followed by nothing or anything(i.e. ABC, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP).
  • ABC? - This will search for ABC. , meaning ABC followed by any one character(i.e. ABCD, ABCE).
  • Regular expressions are not supported
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